• Celebrities have celebrated Nigerian singer, Burna Boy's Grammy awards nomination.

    Success surely has so many friends; Burna boy, Nigeria’s rave of the moment seems to be experiencing just that at the moment, as a lot of fans and celebrities alike, celebrate him on his Grammy award nomination.

    In a recently released list on Grammys.com website, Burna’s African Giant album was nominated for ‘Best World Music category.’

    The nomination is for albums containing at least 51% playing time of new vocal or instrumental World Music recordings.

    Nominated in the same category with Burna Boy is Altin Gün (GECE); Bokanté & Metropole Orkest Conducted By Jules Buckley (WHAT HEAT); Nathalie Joachim With Spektral Quartet (FANM D’AYITI) and Angelique Kidjo (CELIA).

    However, as soon as the news broke out on his nomination, his colleagues in the music industry went on Twitter to celebrate him.

    @Banky Wellington tweeted “Our African giant has been nominated for a Grammy!!! Congratulations to Burnaboy, his mum and the entire team. Amazing and well deserved. Anything is possible with a littlr bit of Faith and a lot of hard work. So so happy for you”

    @patoranking tweeted “Huge congrats @Burna boy. Go bring it home”

    @deejayneptune tweeted “Congrats @Burnaboy on your Grammy award nomination…I pray you bring it home #AfricanGiant.

    Congratulation Burna boy on another internatioournal recognition.

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    The number of 'yahoo boys' that were arrested in the month of October has been revealed by the EFCC.

    According to Punch Metro, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission said it recorded no fewer than 200 arrests of Internet fraud suspects, popularly known as ‘Yahoo Boys,’ in October alone.

    The Acting Chairman of the commission, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, stated this at an interactive session with newsmen on Friday in Abuja.

    According to Magu, the biggest catch of the commission has been Instagram celebrity, Ismaila Mustapha a.k.a Mompha; and his Lebanese accomplice, Hamza Koudeih.

    He said the suspects, who were “kingpins of an Organised Cyber Syndicate Network,” allegedly laundered a total of N33bn.

    Magu said: “Five wristwatches valued at over N60m were recovered from Mompha at the point of arrest.

    “Investigation has also revealed that he operates 51 bank accounts in Nigeria with which he acquired properties in Dubai and had laundered about N14bn through Ismalob Global Investments Limited.

    “His accomplice, Koudeih, also has two firms namely: THK Services Limited and CHK properties Limited with which he has allegedly laundered about N19bn.

    “Koudeih lives in a N5m per annum suite at the Eko Atlantic Pearl Tower, Victoria Island Lagos.’’

    The EFCC boss said the arrests underscored the agency’s commitment to the fight against corruption and economic crime.

    He added that there were also clear messages to “high end fraudsters that they can only run, but cannot hide, sooner than later, we will get them”.

    “The effort to flush out all fraudsters continues. At the same time, we will sustain the tempo of vigorous prosecution of fraud cases in court.

    “Indeed, fraudsters account for a huge percentage of the 890 convictions that has been recorded by the commission this year.

    “A number of assets have been seized, while victims have also enjoyed restitution by order of court,”
     he said.

    While noting that the battle “is far from being won”, the anti-corruption czar renewed his appeal for the support of stakeholders, especially the media, for the commission.

    Magu said the youths, who were mostly involved in cyber fraud, needed sensitisation to the consequences of their actions not only to their future but to the nation’s image and economy.

    He restated the commission’s resolve to rehabilitate those ready to turn a new leaf, and help them to put their skills to good use.

    “The youth must learn the virtues of integrity and hard work as the path to sustainable wealth.

    “They must realise that crime does not pay; rather it will destroy their prospects and ruin their chances of decent living.

    “For those who are remorseful and prepared to turn a new leaf, the commission is fully disposed to help in channeling their energies and cyber skills to positive venture.

    “We are considering a policy that will help in the rehabilitation of convicted, but repentant Internet fraudsters.

    “This is to ensure that their skills are positively applied in helping to build a better Nigerian society,”
     Magu said.

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    A man shocked people when he drove to the police station with a body in his car and claimed he has killed four people.

    According to CNN, a man walked into a California police department Monday and told officers he had killed four people, police say.

    One of the bodies was in the car the suspect drove to the Mt. Shasta Police Department. His three other victims were in his apartment more than 200 miles away, Roseville Police Department Captain Josh Simon said in a Monday news conference.

    Roseville officers learned of the man's confession around noon, when they received a call from Mt. Shasta police, who detained the suspect after he came in.

    Roseville is about 20 miles from Sacramento and about 212 miles from Mt. Shasta.

    This is an ongoing investigation in coordination with the Mt. Shasta police department, Simon said, adding police don't believe the quadruple homicide was a random act. The suspects and the victim likely knew each other, police said.

    Police did not identify the suspect or the victims.

    "The sole suspect involved in this incident is in custody and we do not believe there is any ongoing threat to our community," he said.

    The killings, he said, will likely take a toll on the Roseville community.

    "This can really have an effect on all our first responders and people who may or may not know these victims. So this is a very heavy impact to our community," 
    Simon said.

    Police will hold another news update Tuesday morning, Simon said.

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    WhatsApp is working on a new feature that allow users to set their chats to self-destruct after a period of time.

    Spotted by WABetaInfo, the new feature which is called "Disappearing Messages" is available in in WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.275 for Android, though the feature might not be available for everyone on the beta programme for now.

    The Disappearing Messages feature comes handy when a user wants to send a sensitive information which they don't want to be permanently available on WhatsApp.

    All messages exchanged between the parties using the Disappearing Messages feature will be permanently deleted after a some time. WhatsApp won't allow users to forward the conversation or take screenshot of it.

    WABetaInfo also said the feature will be available in Group chats, and users will be able to time when the messages will self destruct.

    This new feature is similar to Telegram's Secret Chats feature which also allow users to send self-destructing messages.

    For now, the feature is still undergoing development. There's no word on when the feature will be available for everyone. 

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    Most smartphones these days do come with a feature called auto-cut, a feature whose work is to stop the charging of a battery once its fully charged.

    While the auto-cut feature is common among new smartphones, it is not advisable to use our smartphones while it is charging or leave it overnight to charge. Everyday we do find people who make this same mistake. Well, this Asian school girl wasn't lucky.

    According to the New Zealand Herald, a 14-year-old girl school girl has died after her mobile phone caught fire and exploded while she was asleep.

    The Kazakhstan girl whose name is Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek is said to have plugged her phone to charge but at the same time was listening to music in bed before she fell asleep. The girl was found dead the next day in the morning.

    Local police said they found the smartphone connected to the power socket in the morning during investigation.

    The girl is believed to have suffered severe head injuries and died immediately after the explosion. The brand of the smartphone was not disclosed.

    In 2016, Samsung was forced to recall all its Galaxy Note 7 device because of a defect in the battery which caused many of the Samsung device to explode while charging. The scrape of that device cost the South Korean electronics giant billions of dollar loss.

    Apple too have recorded several number of iPhones that have exploded. Some have been said to explode while it was being charged, another exploded in an 11-year-old girls hand, while another exploded while it was being upgraded to iOS 12.

    Some time in 2017, a woman experienced several burns on face, hair and hand as the headphone she wore on exploded mid-air during a flight.

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    Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye has denied promising to give Tacha the sum of N60 million if she does not win the BBNaija show.

    Superstar musician Peter Okoye has denied promising to give Tacha, who was disqualified on Friday from #BBNaija whether or not she wins the reality show.

    Okoye was seen in a live video promising to give the controversial the prize money whether she won or not.

    However, Okoye realeased another live video on Friday to debunk the promise.

    He said he never promised to give Tacha any money.

    According to him: “I said I will teach her how to make N60million, I never said I will give her N60million.”

    Peter went ahead to pledge to give N10million to anyone who can provide a video evidence or a tweet where he promised Tacha N60million.

    Watch the video below:

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    An apparently strong bride has been spotted lifting her husband in her arms while kissing him at the same time.

    It has always been said that what men can do, women can do it better and this photo here has aptly shed some light on this adage.

    The photo which is now trending on social media, shows a woman, said to be a new bride, lifting a man, said to be her new husband, fondly in her arms. She then plants a warm kiss on his lips as he obviously appears to enjoy the move.

    The exact town or city where the photo was taken is not certain but it has been reported that the couple are both Ghanaian citizens and are celebrating the great connection they share.

    Social media users have found the photo quite amusing with many expressing surprise at the husband's willingness to be carried by his wife in that manner.

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    We are here with another Tele2 free unlimited Internet trick for Techfoe readers in Russia. As usual, we will make use of the AnonyTun VPN for the tunneling of the free Internet trick.

    The update has to do with the new host to boost the speed of the free net. Just you know, this host was shared to me by someone using Tele2.

    As it was with the last Tele2 trick, this trick doesn't require users to subscribe or buy any package or something related to that. The trick can also be ported to any tunneling app for those who aren't on the android platform to use the AnonyTun app.

    Follow the below settings and enjoy the trick while it last. Remember to follow our social channels for more free posts like this.

    1. A Tele2 Russia SIM card with zero data and call credit
    2. An Android device, iOS or PC.
    3. Your AnonyTun or any tunneling app of your choice (Find the link below)
    4. The configuration settings

    1. Click here to download AnonyTun
    2. Install the app and then open it.
    3. Click on Stealth settings and then turn it on
    4. Now configure this way:
        Connection Protocol: SSL
        Connection Port: 443
        Connect via Parent Proxy: Don't Enable
       Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable
               Host: tele2mwvod.cdnvideo.ru
               Request Method: Connect
               Injection Method: Normal
               Online Host: Tick
               Keep-Alive: Tick
               User-Agent: Tick
               Generate and then save
       Now click Save in the Stealth Settings.
    Advance SSL Settings: Don't Enable
    5. Click on connect and then wait for your connection to go through. When it does, open your browser and enjoy free unlimited Internet Access.

    Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Azeeztech only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

    HTTP Injector, Psiphon, TunnelCat Globe, MTN SA, Airtel unlimited

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    South Africans have come out en masse to ask Nigerians for forgiveness following xenophobic attacks in the county.

    According to video making rounds on social media, the South Africans carried banners asking for forgiveness from Nigeria and other African countries after weeks of Xenophobic attacks.

    The South Africans sang as they marched through the streets and also held up a banner which called for unity among Africans, weeks after the attacks which led to the lost of many lives, the destruction of properties and looting of shops owned by foreigners especially that of Nigerians

    This is coming few days after the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa dispatched a special envoy to seven African countries to deliver a solidarity message and also brief each country’s government on the South African government’s effort to address the xenophobic attacks.

    Watch the video below:-


    Shocking to you too – right?

    Do You Think South Africans Have Learnt Their Lesson?

    Can They Be Truly Sorry or Just Want To Punish Nigerians The More?

    Let’s hear from you all.

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    The chief warrior made a journey to the thick forest to solve the king's disheartening situation on a condition that must not be broken. Will it yield a good result.


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